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Our Amazing Beach Hair Spray in a two-ounce spray pump (carry-on size) has been tried and tested by mermaids from all over the world with all different hair types and the results are all the same, they love it!


Don't be fooled by its petite packaging, our beach waves hair products pack a punch!


This travel size (under 3 oz/100ml) is perfect when you're travelling, in your gym bag, yoga bag, beach day, pool day, glove compartment, the list goes on...


This beach waves spray is infused with soothing aloe leaf juice, moisturizing sugar, hydrating milk amino acids, hair strengthening rice and oat proteins, and nourishing organic fruit and plant extracts, it doesn't only smell like your favorite beach summer vacation, it leaves your hair shiny, non frizzy, greasy or crunchy, just soft and bouncy even in the most humid and rainy conditions!




His and Hers Set

  • Recommendations based on Hair Types:


    Don't forget to give the bottle a good shake!


    Straight Hair

    Try using Curlifornia when your hair is dry for volume. Yes! You can apply it to the roots and it will never weigh your hair down or cause it to be greasy. So go ahead and fluff your hair with it! Perfect for a on the go touch up! If your hair is damp, massage it onto the roots with 1-2 pumps, then 2-3 pumps on mid shaft and ends, then put it up in our Hair Towel for a quick dry. To acheive the Beach Waves Babe look, try braiding your hair or put it up in a bun or top knot, let it dry and enjoy!


    Wavy/Curly Hair

    After you wash and condition your hair, GENTLY massage 3-4 pumps of Curlifornia onto your roots. Then about 4-6 pumps onto the mid shaft and ends, scrunching up as you coat your hair with Curlifornia. Then put it up in our Hair Towel for a quick dry. Try not to brush your hair as this would cause frizz. You can also let it air dry. Get ready for some bouncy, soft beach wave curls, never dry or crunchy! 



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