After the incredible response of Curlifornia, from Sirens all over the world and many requests to create a men's hair treatment, we are happy to bring a new wave of hair styling.

Hair Swell is available now to all the Kahunas out there!


I'm just a girl from a small little speck (literally! check the map) of an island country called Singapore who happened to find her way to San Clemente California where I was just sucked into surfing and all the peace and adventures it has brought me but with it came dry, sun damaged brittle hair. Just like most I've tried many conditioners but none really moisturized and most would leave me with greasy, flat hair that would break me out. I was also shocked that girls were using sea salt sprays to get beach waves, it would just leave my hair so dry and crunchy, so the idea started to create my own...Curlifornia has been nothing short of a miracle to be honest, I'm not an engineer nor a chemist but I dreamt to create a leave in conditioner that would :

1. Actually moisturize

2. Create texture and soft frizz free curls

3. Smell good because who wouldn't want that ;),

4. Have the highest, good for the skin and hair quality            products and ..

5. The craziest thing, to actually create volume and I         sometimes can't believe it myself either but we did just      that.


Sharing Curlifornia has not only been so fulfilling and rewarding, it has given me a purpose to live again. I was going through an unhealthy relationship at that time but I don't believe Curlifornia would be here if not for that. It reminds me time and time again that we can turn adversity to opportunity if we don't give up but instead give back. So, when you support and try our products, $1 of every purchase goes towards finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Please join me in this journey, at least your hair journey.


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